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Welcome to the Packing List Place! A good packing list goes a long way towards helping things go more smoothly, especially when time is of the essence. That's why we have compiled all of your favorites onto one website. These are not meant to be complete lists, and blanks are provided in each category for you to write in extras that you think of.

For some of these lists, you'll find it helpful to print one list for each person traveling, that way each item is checked for each person. It is also recommended to begin packing a few days in advance, starting with things on the list that you know you won't need until your trip. Keep your check list in a handy place, checking off items as you pack them. Then, just before leaving home, it's a good idea to run through the check list once again.

Our Cruise Packing List contains many must-have items to ensure that your cruise vacation goes smoothly. This list is tailored to address items specifically needed for your cruise. With cruise vacations, using a list is especially critical, since once you leave shore, you'll also leave behind the opportunity to pick up many items that you forgot. Sure, there will be shops onboard the ship, but depending upon what you need, you may or may not find certain items while at sea.

For most other vacations, you'll find the Travel Packing List to be helpful. It is an easy-to-follow check list that includes essential things you don't want to leave home without...along with some extras to help make your trip more enjoyable. This list is designed to be generic and flexible -- regardless of why you're traveling, it'll help your time away to be more efficient and enjoyable.

Taking to the great outdoors? Then our Camping Packing List will help you get on your way, with a detailed list of the most common items necessary for most camping trips. Planning your camping trip with a good list can be critical to your success, especially if your journey will find you camping in remote areas where supplies are hard to come by.

Ready to take your rig to the open road? Our RV Packing List will be very helpful in remembering many of the essentials of RV camping, including many of the items you'll need to check on your rig itself. Don't throw this list away on your first fuel stop... it's also handy to help you remember critical things you'll need to do before breaking camp and heading back home.

One of the biggest mistakes that day hikers make is being unprepared for contingencies. Our Hiking Packing List will go a long way in making sure you don't set out without the necessary equipment.

Not much ruins a dive trip like leaving must-have equipment at home. Sure, you can rent a BC at your destination, but will their rental gear be in good shape? And what if you forget your C-Card? Leave home assured with the help of our Scuba Diving Checklist.

Heading off to college? You'll have plenty on your hands just with getting your bearings at school. Our College Packing List will help to ensure you don't leave home without the necessities.

Moving Day can be a stressful time. Having our Moving Packing List on hand can ensure that things go more smoothly. This list is designed in a countdown style, starting one month out from your moving date. It begins by having you take care of business that needs to be done a few weeks before you move, then works down through the weeks, including suggestions for your moving day. It also includes tips on items to take care of once you're at your new location.

Why use a checklist? The benefits of using these lists are many! The most obvious reason is to keep you from forgetting those important items you don't want to leave home without. A good list can also help you to pack more quickly, because it helps to prevent having to re-open suitcases to pack things you forgot. Sometimes a list can even help you avoid an unsafe condition, such as leaving the TV antenna up on your RV while driving, or by helping prevent your leaving home without a safety item you need for hiking. A list can help you plan your move in a more organized way, being prepared days ahead for the move. At any rate, these lists can help you to be more organized and efficient in what you do.

An important note -- when viewing these lists, remember that the list shown on each page is for web viewing only... you will notice a link to a printer-friendly version on each page, and you will want to print that version for your personal use. The printer-friendly versions come in PDF form, making them easy to download and save to your computer. This version has checkboxes beside each item, and blank spaces at the bottom of each category, making it easy for you to customize the list for your specific needs.

You'll also want to use one printer-friendly list for each person traveling. Why? Because many of the items listed are personal items that will be specific to each traveler. Write each person's name at the top of their personal list, and have them check off their individual items as they pack.

Whatever activity, we want to be your one-stop shop for packing lists and checklists. Have a suggestion for a list you don't see here? Know of something that should be added to an existing list? E-mail us at the address below to let us know. And, thanks for visiting!



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